about fab


Our main priority is to make customers feel overall good about eating at FaBurrito. At FaBurrito we have 3 goals:

GOAL #1 Of course our food has to be awesome. We are all about great tasting food but we also believe that you can still eat freshly prepared and healthy food without compromising quality or flavor. Our goal is to construct our menu to be as healthy as possible; that means getting rid of the junk. We do not serve a lot of the unhealthier items you would typically expect at a Mexican restaurant, and we substitute certain ingredients to make our food as healthy and low-fat as possible. We even developed several healthy, delicious, low-fat meals so you are actually impacting your body positively the more you eat here.

GOAL #2 Customer experience. Our goal isn’t to provide good service. Our goal is to provide GREAT service. Much time, resources, and training is dedicated in preparing our staff to make sure that our customer receives the fastest, most proficient, and friendly service possible.

GOAL #3 As a Christian company we adopt a lot of those values and do our best to practice what we preach. We pride ourselves in being a company that creates opportunity. Our team members are not contract workers, they are hard working and ambitious people who understand the opportunities they are presented with by this company. Not only are they regularized with benefits, they are also encouraged and trained to improve in skills such as English, leadership, and even public speaking. Every employee knows that no matter what position they start at, no position is out of reach. We are not just providing a job, we are providing a career path.

On top of that we also created the FabFoundation. FabFoundation is a boarding school that will help create opportunities for underprivileged and homeless children. These children will be fed, housed, clothed, educated, and will also learn about Jesus. Additionally, they will be provided with vocational skills training to ensure that after they are done with the program they will be able to find a job.

10% of all proceeds from FaBurrito will go directly to this foundation.


To be a company that changes lives in the Philippines


Develop and groom leaders to build the FaBurrito brand and what it stands for.

FaBurrito will stand for personal growth, good health, giving back, and glorifying God.


PURPOSE We fully understand our mission and are passionate and grateful to be a part of it. We have the opportunity to impact the Philippines by challenging myself to become the best that I can be.

TEAMWORK We are all in this together and without each other FaBurrito will not be possible. Only by encouraging and assisting each other in their growths can the company live up to its potential.

INTEGRITY Our company is founded on trust. We will do everything in our power to gain and maintain the trust of each other, the company, and our valued customers.

GROWTH It is our utmost priority that the company AND our team members grow both personally and professionally. Constant and never ending improvement.

GIVING BACK We understand how blessed we are and how important it is to help those who are less privileged. We truly believe that the more we bless others, the more blessed we will personally become.

EXCELLENCE We are passionate and give the best in everything that we do, every time.