It was lunchtime and we were starving for a more satisfying meal. Bored with all the usual options of burgers, pizza, and rice dishes, I wanted something different. I wanted something filling but wouldn’t leave me feeling sluggish after. Something tasty, but not overloaded with sugar, MSG, or unnatural flavor enhancers. I wanted something that would fit my diet and healthy lifestyle leaving me feeling good after my meal. I couldn’t find any place that existed. And that’s when Faburrito was born.

There are a lot of food options out there but none like Faburrito. Fab serves fresh and healthy Mexican food…without the guilt. Our organic fruits and vegetables are delivered daily and you will NEVER find a microwave or can opener at our store. We make our food with fresh ingredients because we know you taste and appreciate the difference. Our salsas? All hand cut daily. Beef? Imported USDA steak. Smoothies? Made with real fruit and NO SUGAR added.

Aside from our food, we employ cheerful people, pay them fairly with benefits, and empower them with the all-important goal of making sure you leave happier than when you came.

Awesome food, awesome service, and the fact that a portion of the proceeds of your meal goes to charity is how we live up to our slogan: Eat good, feel good.